India vs West Indies 1st Test Day 1 Highlights 14-10-2018

Prithiv Shaw - India vs West Indies
Prithiv Shaw - India vs West Indies

Pujara, for a change, did not need to grind because of his runs. Himself slipped in such as a signature bottom-handed push that purred off of mid-on, with three fours in four chunks. He sipped onto it and flicked a jar of water from his pocket. West Indies, and also A half-volley here, a half-tracker there were feeling the warmth – both figuratively and literally – to a day in Rajkot. The opener, KL Rahul, had dropped to some inducker over. The current fad of Rahul decreasing to incoming deliveries was of special concern for India: he’s now been outside lbw or bowled in his past eight Test innings.

In addition, he burnt an overview when replays confirmed the 143.5kph thunderbolt would have crashed into leg and middle. The first runs of shaw came throughout the covers through a punch that was sharp, along with his border came through stage through an punch. The shots that were punchy were reserved for the foot. Shaw crunched on the ball around the off the front West Indies’ seamers overpitched. With progressed into his fifty off 56 balls, he increased his instant and cranked up. His fist pump that is celebratory wasn’t as punchy because his shots, but it made Kohli and Rahane stand up and moan in unison in the area.

India vs West Indies 1st Test Day 1 Highlights:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


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