Unbelievable Catches – Best Cricket Video

Game Of Gentle Men :

Cricket is known as game of gentle men. But sometimes we saw a unbelievable moments on the field. Cricket become to much fast in 20th century. MyCricketHighlights.us always tried best to provide you best cricket video which are en-joyful for you.

Best Cricket Video :

Here is the best video of Cricket History.This video will provide you a lot of entertainment. You Never saw a video like this. Best collection of catches is here. Watch top 8 catches of cricket history in the video

Unbelieveable Catches - Best Cricket Video

Unbelievable Catches – Best Cricket Video

These video not contain only ICC but also domestic cricket content. Some of these catches were taken in domestic cricket like CPL and cricket South Africa. Now Players are more confident than players in the past. Techniques are totally different. Rules are different. But players in the past have no major facilities to maintain their fitness.Now cricketers have all those facilities which are essential for their fitness and maintain their body.

Rules of Catch :

The batsman cannot be caught if :

  • The ball is referred to as a no ball or dead ball.
  • The batsman does now not hit the ball with his bat or the gloved hand preserving the bat.
  • The ball, having been hit, makes contact with the sector earlier than a fielder catches the ball.
  • The ball does no longer continue to be below the manage of the fielder.
  • The ball is hit and lands beyond the boundary; (six runs).
  • A fielder taking the catch makes touch with the boundary rope or the place outdoor the boundary.
  • The ball hits a close in fielder at the helmet, and rebounds in the air for a seize.

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